Comprised of stalwart “in-demand” Bay Area musicians . Jim Bogios (drums Counting Crows), Dan Eisenberg (keyboards-Ryan Adams, Motherhips), David Immerglück (guitar-Counting Crows, John Hiatt), Keith “K-Mac” Macarthur (bass-Motherbug, The Coup, Spearhead), Glider formed in 1998 when the workaholic team of Bogios and Immerglück , who at one time simultaneously played in 5 different bands together, found they needed an additional vehicle to express their own particular shared eclectic musical vision.

“I really wanted to have a band with my favorite players where there was no agenda other than to blow freely without any restrictions”, says Immerglück . “We started off just hanging out jamming on old chestnuts by The Meters and Booker T and the MGs, but pretty soon we found ourselves building a set of music embracing everything from 50s sci-fi television and Italian film soundtracks to Krautrock, surf, Miles Davis and beyond.” “We don’t really pay attention to genre labels when it comes to music”, says the excitable Bogios. “We play whatever we feel like playing! I don’t like it when bands limit themselves to one style…”

Soon after their inception, Glider started playing their compelling music in clubs around the S.F. bay area and quickly developed an enthusiastic following. Over the next couple of years they jelled into quite the cooking unit, with endlessly varied dialogue between Eisenberg’s soul-searching Hammond B-3 and Immerglücks interstellar guitar crackling over Macarthur’s trip-hop “super-groove” bottom end and spark plug Bogios’ driver’s seat drumming their hallmark! Unfortunately, good things never last, and as Immerglücks sudden commitment as guitarist for Counting Crows at the turn of the decade, and Bogios’ position as drummer for Sheryl Crow became more and more demanding, Glider found it harder and harder to find time to play together. When Eisenberg’s wild and soulful keyboard stylings caught the ear of precocious critic’s fave Ryan Adams, securing him a globetrotting spot in Adams’ popular band, the possibility for the boys of Glider to coordinate their hectic schedules to even share a meal together, let alone play a gig, seemed dim at best.

Glider was on the shelf for a good year and a half, but we always had it in the back of our minds that someday we’d rejuvenate the band”, muses Immerglück. As it happens, the recent instatement of Bogios into the drum chair for Counting Crows has united the once battling schedules of the Drummer/Guitarist team, and the irrepressible Bogios called for fresh Glider rehearsals this spring at the first break in Counting Crows busy touring calendar. “Glider lives! K-Mac sounds better than ever, and we really fire off each other,” enthuses Bogios.

“I’m so glad we’re playing together again’, adds Immerglück “I love grooving with this rhythm section, but I think we’re all really here just to watch Eisenberg battle the elements with his B-3. It’s sort of like a Shakespearean tragedy unfolding in front of you every time he takes a solo!” It appears to be just as Bogios says: ” GLIDER LIVES!



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