Jimmy/Immy (w/Alex Valle): Live In Italia – mandolin, guitar, vocals, production



Camper Van Beethoven: New Roman Times (reissue+) – guitars, pedal steel, mandolin, keyboards, vocals, production

Blair Burnette: Bloom – pedal steel guitar

Chris Stills: Calling The Underground – slide and lead guitar, mandolin, vocals (on “Flowers On Your Wall”)



Tom Freund: Two Moons – pedal steel, mandolin, guitars, vocals

Michael Starr: Redemption Road – pedal steel, mandolin

Counting CrowsSomewhere Under Wonderland (guitars, mandolin, pedal steel, vocals)


Counting Crows: Echoes From The Outlaw Roadshow (guitars, mandolin, bass, pedal steel, vocals)

Brian Wright: Rattle Their Chains (Electric Guitar, Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar, B-Vocals)

Joseph Arthur: The Ballad Of Boogie Christ  (guitar)

Coby Brown: French Exit (bass, mandolin, guitar, pedal steel, piano, weird organ)

Stevie Ann: California Sounds (guitar, mandolin)

Circlework: Paradise (guitars, mandolin, pedal steel guitar)

Seth Adam: Steel Tempered Pride (bass, production)


Yellowcard: Southern Air ( mandolin, pedal steel)

 James Maddock And His Band: Live in Italy 2012 (Official Bootleg) (Mandolin, b-vox)

Jimmy/Immy (James Maddock & David Immergluck): Live at Rockwood Music Hall (guitar, b-vox, mandolin, production)

Counting CrowsUnderwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation) (guitar, mandolin, pedal steel, guitar, bass, glockenspiel, b-vox)

Anderson EastFlowers Of The Broken Hearted  (electric guitar, pedal steel guitar)

Victor Krummenacher: I Was A Nightmare But I Don’t Want To Go There  (guitar, 6 string bass, electric sitar, octave 12 string)

Jonathan SegelAll Attractions  (background vocals)

Soundtrack: “The Ordinary Skier”  (pedal steel guitar, acoustic and electric guitar)

Rachael Sage: Haunted By You  (mandolin)


Counting Crows: August And Everything After – LIVE AT TOWN HALL (guitars,mandolin, pedal steel guitar, vocals)

James Maddock:: Wake Up And Dream (lap steel, mandolin)

Jonathan Segel: Storytelling  remaster (guitar, petal steel, vocals)

Roy Jay: Roy Jay (electric guitar)

Brooke Ramel: For You (mandolin)

David Lowery:: The Palace Guards (guitar, bass, b-vox)

Jay Nash: Diamonds And Blood (acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, acoustic and electric mandolin)


Sean Smith And The Setting Sons: Christmas Single (production, guitars, b-vox)

Jason Kanakis: Jason Kanakis A The Coalition Of The Unwilling (pedal steel, guitar, mandola)

Roy Jay: Fairfax Avenue (acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, b-vox)

Justine Bennett: Here Comes The Heavy Feeling (acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin)



Roy Jay: Lucky Guy (acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, pedal steel guitar, b-vox)

Cracker: Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey (guitar, bass, b-vox on “Darling One”)

Jake Newton: Soldier Of The Heart
( pedal steel guitar, dobro, mandolin)

Jay Nash: All The Stars In Copenhagen (guitar, dobro, mandolin, bass)


Counting Crows: Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings (guitars, mandolin, b-vox, bass, tres cubano)

Victor Krummenacher: Patriarch’s Blues (guitars, mandolin, lap and pedal steel, Hammond B-3)

Sean Smith: Action City (production, bass, various guitars, lap steel, keyboards, b-vox, salt water flush)

The Ramblers: The Ramblers (guitars, cranky advice)

Jay Nash: The Things You Think You Need (guitars, bass, mandolin, lap and pedal steel, b-vox, single malt scotch and taco consumption)

Coby Brown: Stars And Curses (guitars, mandolin, lap and pedal steel, weird piano)

Jason Karaban: Sobriety Kills (guitars, bass, mandolin, pedal steel, b-vox)


Victor Krummenacher: The Cock Crows At Sunrise (guitar, mandolin, pedal steel, b-vox)

Low Stars: Low Stars (mandolin, pedal steel, dobro, guitar, some co-production)

Greg Lisher: Trains Change (pedal steel guitar)

Modern Love: Modern Love (guitars, pedal steel guitar and mandolin)

Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven: Camp Out DVD (appears performing w/ Monks Of Doom, Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker, Victor Krummenacher, Greg Lisher, Stephen Brower)


Monks of Doom: What’s Left For Kicks?

Eliot Morris: “What’s Mine Is Yours”
(pedal steel guitar and mandolin)

Jason Karban: Doomed To Make Choices (guitar, pedal steel, bass, b-vox)

John Fahey: I am the Resurrection – A tribute to John Fahey

Cracker: Greenland (bass, guitar and b-vox)

Cracker: Crackers Greatest Hits  (bass, guitar and b-vox)

Counting Crows: New Amsterdam: Live at Heineken Music Hall February 6, 2003

Mike Therieau: Living from a Suitcase

BLØF: UMOJA, Immy and Adam Duritz play on the song “Wennen Aan September”.


The Walkabouts: “Drunken Soundtracks – Lost Songs And Rarities 1995-2001” pedal steel guitar on The Light Will Stay On (country mix)” and “Winded”

Sean Smith: Underachiever (producer, petal steel, lap steel and bass)

Johnny Hickman: Palmhenge

Flipsyde: We the People (mandolin and guitar)


Blof: Greatest hits “Het Eind Van Het begin” songs “Holiday In Spain” & “Zwart Water”

Camper Van Beethoven: New Roman Times

Stolen Bibles: Medicine Show


Counting Crows: Films about Ghosts
(electric and acoustic guitars, slide guitar, bass, electric Sitar, mandolin, FM Amount, vocals)

David Gleason: Wasted Days  “Midnight California”

Chris Seefried: Denim Blue  ( bass, pedal steel, mandolin, guitar, etc.)

Bugs Salcido: The Juarez Murders

Elan : Street Child


Counting Crows: Hard Candy
(electric and acoustic guitars, slide guitar, Bass, electric sitar, mandolin, FM amount, vocals)

Familiar 48:Wonderful Nothing (mandolin, slide guitar)


Tommy Carns: Get up and Fall down


Mike Levy: Fireflies (guitar)

Victor Krummenacher: Bittersweet
(electric sitar)

Greg Lisher: Handed Down The Wire

Alison Faith Levy: My World View (guitar)

John Hiatt: Crossing Muddy Waters
(mandolin, acoustic 12-string, electric slide, harmony vocals)

Various Artists: The-10 Chronicles
Multi-artist potluck (guitars, mandolin) on various tracks.

Camper Van Beethoven: Camper Van Beethoven Is Dead, Long Live Camper Van Beethoven (guitars,mandolins,vocals)

Cracker: Garage D’Or compilation (pedal steel ,b-vox)

Dean Del Ray: Lone Mountain Serenade
(guitars, pedal steel, mandolin, b-vox, production)

Jessica Riddle: Key of a Minor (mandolin) on “Sadly Beautiful”

Counting Crows: Face the Promised Land self released limited edition CD

Joan Osbourne: Righteous Love (Pedal Steel , guitar) (Baritone)

Soul Tree: Star Jet Tourist

Shawn Mullins: Beneath The Velvet Sun (mandolin) on “Something to believe in”


-Records extensive demos with John Hiatt

Various Artists: More Oar a tribute to the Skip Spence album

Track with The Ophelias . (“Lawrence Of Euphoria” (guitar,bass,production,engineering)

Matt Nathanson: Still Waiting For Spring(guitar,mandolin,pedal steel)

Charlie Terrell: 3 Links In A Broken Chain  (pedal steel)

Counting Crows: This Desert Life (guitar,pedal steel,mandolin,bass)

Counting Crows: Live At The Fox Theatre (guitar, mandolin, pedal steel)

Counting Crows: By The Time We Got To Woodstock (guitar,mandolin,pedal steel,b-vox)self released limited edition CD

-Sunkist ceases to exist

-Gigs occasionally with Glider, Dean Del Rey

-Uncredited (?) pedal steel track on Sparklehorse CD Good Morning Spider (Painbirds).


Sunkist: Sunkist (guitars, bass, synthesizer ,b-vox, some production)

Victor Krummenacher: Saint Johns Mercy(guitar, clavionet

Alison Faith Levy: The Fog Show (pedal steel)

John Hiatt: Best of John Hiatt
(guitars, mandolin, baritone guitar Compilation plus new tracks.

Hootie And The Blowfish: Musical Chairs (guitar, pedal steel)

Tom Freund: North American Long Weekend (pedal steel)

Chris And Carla: Swinger 500 (pedal steel, mandolin)

Betsy Lucas: Delivery Girl (pedal steel

Various Artists: It’s Only A Dream compilation of New York songwriters track by Don Brody “Home” (tenor and slide guitar)

-Continues touring with John Hiatt-forms instrumental combo, Glider gigs occasionally with Sunkist & Glider

-Records unreleased CD by Jeff Black

-Monks of Doom stage a reunion gig @ Bottom of the Hill S.F.

-Spotted yet again, sitting in on pedal steel with Mother Hips


Sheryl Crow: In Need (guitar) Outtake from “Sheryl Crow”, turns up as B-side of “Hard To Make A Stand” single. Appears on soundtrack to “Hope Floats” CD single. A & M Records

John Hiatt: Little Head (guitar, pedal steel, dobro, electric sitar)

John Hiatt: Sure Pinocchio (guitar, pedal steel) .

Cravin Melon: Red Clay Harvest (mandolin,pedal steel, dobro,guitars)

The Walkabouts: Mystery Mountain Chronicles (pedal steel, electric mandolin)CD self released live compilation from ’94,’95,’96 tours

Carmaig de Forest: El Camino Real (engineering)CD on Saint Francis Records

-continues perpetually touring with John Hiatt

-continues playing with Papa’s Culture which mutates into Sunkist. Forms short lived group Blimp with Tom Barnes (singer from Sorid Humor, Engine 88) and unreleased album in the can and a scattering of well received gigs are all that remain.  Spotted again sitting in on pedal steel with Mother Hips.


MX-80: I’ve Seen Enough (production,engineering,keys,b-vox, occasional guitar) CD on Atavistic (recorded 1993)

Various Artists: The Hollies In Reverse Hollies tribute compilation track with The Sneetches (“So Lonely”) (production,engineering)

Counting Crows: Recovering The Satellites (pedal steel,octave mandolin)

The Walkabouts: Devil’s Road (pedal steel)

The Walkabouts: The Light Will Stay On (pedal steel) CD single on Virgin UK with extra non-album cuts

Various Artists: Bite Back/Live At The Crocodile Cafe live Seattle compilation track with The Walkabouts (“Bordertown”) (pedal steel)

Cracker: The Golden Age (pedal steel,b-vox,guitar)

September 67: Lucky Shoe (bass,pedal steel)

-begins touring in earnest with John Hiatt

John Hiatt: Shredding The Document (guitar,mandolin,b-vox)CD single on Capitol Records with extra non-album cuts

Chantal Kreviazuk: Under These Rocks And Stones (guitars,mandolin,pedal steel)

Jack O Pierce: Finest Hour (guitar,mandolin,pedal steel)

-continues with John Hiatt gig and with Papa’s Culture with time allows

-spotted sitting in on pedal still with Mother Hips


The Sneetches: Starfucker (production, engineering, some b-vox)

New E-Z Devils: Everything Goes (production, engineering)

Todd Kray: Empty Land (mandolin,pedal steel)

Tours Europe again with The Walkabouts (mandolin, pedal steel, some guitar)

Alison Faith Levy:  The Scientist (mixing) 7 inch single.

John Hiatt: Walk On  (guitar, mandolin, pedal steel, 3 stringed stick, b-vox)

Chuck Prophet: Feast Of Hearts (guitar,pedal steel,mandolin)

Deadeye Dick: Whirl (guitar)

-Continues with Papa’s Culture


Sordid Humor: Light Music For Dying People (bass,occasional guitar)

Joins Papa’s Culture, who play in earnest up and down California.

Papa’s Culture: Live, Fillmore West ’94 (guitar,b-vox)

O-Type: Mommy (production,engineering,ghost b-vox)

The Sneetches: Obscure Years (production,engineering,some b-vox)

Alison Faith Levy:  Grumbelina(production,engineering,guitars)

The Mommyheads: Flying Suit (pedal steel)

Gift Horse: First Words (production,engineering)

Mudwimmen: ?…7 inch single (production,engineering)

-Tours Europe with The Walkabouts (pedal steel, mandolin, some guitar)


Moon In June (guitar, piano, b-vox) {Soft Machine cover w/ John Wesley Hardingon lead vox}
1/2 of a split 7 inch single. Sire Records

The Sneetches: Think Again (production, engineering)

Papa’s Culture: Papa’s Culture, But…
(guitar, pedal steel, production engineering

Various Artists: Surf Ninjas movie soundtrack, track with King Missile
(“Our Jungle”) (production, engineering)

Counting Crows: August And Everything After
(guitar, mandolins, pedal steel)

-Final Monks of Doom tour (with King Missile)

-Monks Of Doom cease to exist

-Turns down offer to join Counting Crows

-Self imposed 7 month retirement (impossible…)


Monks of Doom: The Insect God
(guitar,vocals,keys,engineering,production) EP on C/Z Records. CD and 10 inch picture disc-vinyl (available at Magnetic Motorworks)

Various Artists: We Magazine Issue 15 compilation(cassette only!)
Track with Monks Of Doom (“Follow The Queen”) (mandolin)

Paul Collins: Paul Collins (electric guitar)CD on Sonido Winston (Sony Spain)

-Turns down offer to join Jellyfish (huh?)

Monks of Doom: Forgery (guitars,pedal steel guitar,vox,keys,etc.)


Various Artists: We Magazine Issue 14 compilation track with Monks Of Doom(“Circassian Beauty”)(guitar,vocal,spoken ranting)

Monks of Doom: Meridian (guitar,vocals,keys,mandolins,etc.)

-Monks of Doom tour incessantly across America

Gavin Canaan: The Beauty Is Decay (production,engineering)


Various Artists: Acoustic Music Project, live track with Jonathan Segel “Love’s Not Lost”(guitar,b-vox)

Eskimo: Jack (production,engineering, slide guitar)

Various Artists:If 6 Was 9 Jimi Hendrix Tribute compilation track with Monks Of Doom”Spanish Castle Magic “,(guitar,vocals) CD only – track with 501 Spanish Verbs(“Ain’t No Telling”)(production,engineering)

Various Artists:Through The Looking Glass 1966 music from 1966 compilation track with Monks Of Doom (“Who Are The Brain Police?”) (guitar,vocals,backwards piano)

Doug Orton: The Satyrs Of Sodom (guitar,pedal steel,mandolin)

-Camper Van Beethoven Breaks up while on tour in Europe (ouch!)

Monks of Doom: The Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company
(guitar, mandolin,vox,pedal steel, keys)

The Ophelias:The Big O (guitar,bass,electric sitar,siren,b-vox,engineering, production)

Doug Orton:Louise In Paris (mandolin,pedal steel,acoustic guitar)

Cement Trampoline: Glad To Be Alive (production,engineering,b-vox)

Sordid Humor:Tony Don’t (production,engineering)

-Joins Camper Van Beethoven to tour Key Lime Pie album

-The Ophelias break up

Camper Van Beethoven: I Was Born In A Laundromat (guitar)


The Ophelias:Oriental Head (guitar,keys, b-vox, production, engineering)

Doug Orton:Sleepy Town (guitar)

Various Artists: Germ’s Choice S.F. compilation, track by Sordid Humor {“I Know”}(production,engineering) (album also has miscredited rare pre-Immergluck Monks-track)

Jonathan Segel: Storytelling (lead guitar, pedal steel ,b-vox)


Monks Of Doom: Soundtrack to the film Breakfast On The Beach Of Deception
(guitar, pedal steel, vocals, keys)

Doug Orton: Richard Brautigan’s Body(guitar,bass,b-vox,engineering,production)

- Joins The Ophelias


-Joins Monks Of Doom, continues Polymorph esoterica


Mod-l Society:“Back To Baltimore”,”Janie” single (guitar)

Polymorph : various unreleased recording(guitar,bass, production, engineering)



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